For all normal 'customer service' type communications about the products presented by this e-commerce store, please either email me at or call me on the phone. The number to call is 505-603-0565. This is my cell number and it does receive text messages.  If I don't answer, it will go to voice mail and I will respond asap. Please identity yourself.  I don't respond to unidentified callers/texters.  Remember, this is a one-man enterprise, I'm an artist, and I'm not tethered to my phone, so your patience is appreciated.  Also, please leave me a cell number where I can call or text you back, and the best time to do that.  

For all inquiries concerning a desire to collect a piece of David Kenyon Seacord original artwork, please contact my exclusive original art sales representative Ms. Billie Scheen, owner of Art Innovations, Inc. Her email is  Billie has a very long history with me, knows me and my art extremely well, and is very qualified to assist you in discovering those pieces of my available work which would be of greatest interest to you.