My Artistic Story

A Brief Introduction to David Kenyon Seacord, Fine Art Painter of 'Modern Spiritual Impressionism', Musician, & Wordsmith.

Welcome to All!  This website has been created to share derivatives of my original artistic output (i.e., my original paintings, music, & writings) with the world, especially as they have been imprinted onto affordable and usable products.  In other words, this site is for normal e-commerce of reproductions of my artistic designs

If you are here with an interest in viewing my Original Artworks, please visit


An overview of what's here.

First, on the HOME page are product photos which are linked to each collection of products.  Right now, the majority of what is in the store are my original painted images that have been via imprinting transferred onto many useful high quality products that I have personally selected for you. I'm offering beautiful wall art prints, yoga mats, tapestries, art image t-shirts, mugs, handbags and more. This lineup will over time keep expanding.

I've also designed a line of written word t-shirts that offer my best insightful messages about life. These are called my 'Next Culture Aphorism' shirts.