About David

An Introduction to DavidKenyonSeacord.com


Welcome to All! ...and Respectful Salutations to all my friends, collectors, and fans around the world.  This website has been created to share my artistic output (i.e., paintings, music, & writings) with the world, especially as they have been translated into affordable and useable and consciousness awakening products.  In other words, this site is designed for normal e-commerce of affordable derivatives of my originals. 

If perhaps you are here seeking to collect my Original Artworks, please visit www.davidseacord.com.


An overview of what's here.

First, at the very top of this page is the navigation MENU, including ENTER STORE. That is your access to 'the store'. Right now, what I've put in the store are my original painted images as transferred onto many wonderfully useful high quality printed products that I have personally selected for you. I'm offering beautiful wall art prints, yoga mats, tapestries, t-shirts, mugs, handbags and more.

Later on in the future, I do have plans to expand into all the territories of my logo (ART, MUSIC, THOUGHT) and offer much more through this store, such as my musical creations— meaning professional recordings of my original songs and piano compositions, 

...as well as my poetic or written creations (which means the books in progress [coffee table art books & spiritually insightful wisdom books] that I have not yet finished writing. 

Finally, there is one more thing that you can find here. It's called The Love Declaration. It's a 'planetary transformation project' that I created in the 1980's, and which I still am actively making available and sharing today. In fact, to support the work of The Love Declaration is the biggest reason I build this store. If that makes you curious, you can find out more about it under the footer menu dropdown "MY ETHICS AND COMMITMENTS".


An now, a moment of photographic introduction...