Collection: My Personally Designed & Easily Framed Art Posters! Only $39!

"Hello! The prints just arrived! They are gorgeous! I adore your work…these are AMAZING! THANK YOU!"  Karen R., Minnesota USA

Hello, I'm David, the painter of all these artworks (and hundreds more which you can view at my ORIGINAL ART website:  Here, on this Shopify e-commerce site, I am thrilled to offer you high quality art reproductions of my originals in the form of these very inexpensive Art Posters. They are archival, acid-free,  frame-worthy unsigned open editions. These Art Posters allow you to now enjoy my paintings upon your walls for an extremely affordable price! Collect as many as you'd like... and yes, if my special Artist Signing  Instructions* are followed, I will also happily sign them for you, which makes them unique and of increased future value. (Because of the complexity of international commerce, this offer is for USA customers only).

*Special Artist Signing Instructions: After you receive the artwork and are satisfied with it, getting my personal signature upon it does require you to reuse the mailer tube you received it in to re-ship the art to me (David Seacord, PO Box 642, Prairie City, Oregon 97869), with 1. a return shipping label addressed back to you enclosed, and 2. also enclosing a cash or check payment of a minimum $20 'combined return postage fee and signing gratuity'. (If requesting I sign multiple prints in a single mailing tube, you can just add a $10 signing gratuity for each addition print). Also, as I normally travel 'south' in the winter to paint in the USA desert SW or Mexico, the timing of this signing process would necessarily be only spring/summer/fall, i.e., the period when I am generally 'at home' in the NW USA.  In other words, if you send it in winter, it could be waiting a good while at the Post Office until I return, so please DON"T do that unless how long it takes to come back to you is absolutely not an issue.  :-)