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My Commitments and Ethics


All of the products in this store are fundraisers for my 'higher purpose' altruistic commitments. What I mean is that they are offered you in the spirit of supporting and empowering human evolution... that the great possibility of a mature, love-led humanity arise, and that future generations may live in a world of harmony and peace. This possibility is my personal fundamental commitment as an evolving human, ....and as much as possible after meeting my living and business expenses I intend to use the incomes derived from your purchases to generously support this end.

Especially, as I have done for over 35 years, I will continue to fiscally support the sharing of The Love Declaration and it's translations around the world ....for as it's author, this is the visionary mission I feel the strongest personal responsibility for. (AND please note, especially if this interests you...that I introduce you to The Love Declaration directly below.)

David Kenyon Seacord  



About "The Love Declaration"